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Parkinson’s Disease- Why Clinical Trials Are Essential?

A lot of people have less or no knowledge about Parkinson’s disease. Thanks to the clinical research and trials that has helped many, especially those who have suffering from the disease, to properly deal with their symptoms and maintain a positive and active lifestyle. At present, there is still no found cure for Parkinson’s, but through medication and healthy lifestyle, the symptoms can be managed. In addition, the clinical trials has helped in disease early detection and management for Parkinson’s.

The progress and intensity of PD can significantly vary, though typical symptoms are observed. This would simply mean that a certain treatment plan for one patient is not guaranteed to also work for another. Postural instability, gait or walking problems, rigidity, slowed movement, and tremor are the most common motor symptoms. Non-motor symptoms would include anxiety, depression, fatigue, changes in smelling, and sleep problems.

Clinical research is very essential when it comes to care improvement for variety of diseases like the Parkinson’s. Since the progression and severity vary greatly, each affected person must have an effective treatment plan. Trials allow for better understanding on safe and effective newly discovered therapy. In addition, it has been found out that some FDA approved medicines effective for another disease can also help improve PD symptoms. But, it will be very impossible to make advancements when there are no volunteers to participate in clinical studies and trials.

One of the most obvious benefits when participating in clinical research is better healthcare. Regardless of having an insurance or not, one may receive a regular care from the best healthcare professionals. With this, you know that your overall health is well taken cared of.

With clinical research and trials, you are able to gain more and clear understanding of your condition. This would mean that all your questions are given answers in due time. With better understanding on what is really happening to you, you are able to manage and properly deal with it.

Another benefit to expect is that you get access to therapies. Since you participate in clinical trials, the professionals are going to subject you to new cutting edge therapies that might cure your present condition.

As you participate in clinical trials, you allow the healthcare professionals to improve healthcare. This will greatly benefit you as well as others who have the same condition with you.

Also, these research and trials can offer you different reimbursement such as travel. With this, you get the treatment that is possibly best for your condition while enjoying trips.

If you become a volunteer for clinical research, you can stop it anytime. In fact, you are given an informed consent process which includes the possible risks, benefits, duration and number of visits, even before the process starts. This is done to ensure that everybody has acquired all the necessary information before making your final decision to join or not join the trial.

So, these are the different things that you can surely get with clinical research and trials.

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