Month: July 2021

Email Marketing and Preview Text

Insurance agency owners, principals and marketers really should be taking advantage of preview text for many their email campaigns. If you are not really acquainted with preview text and it is role with insurance email strategies, stay with me:

What is preview text?

It could be the text snippet below (or close to) a contact subject line inside the email client inbox. It provides additional detail in to the subject matter from the email and increases the look and feel in the delivered email, which translates to the overall professionalism on the message and campaign. Correct utilization of preview text prevents garbled or unrecognizable text using your email subject line.

Who uses it?

All major email clients now support this feature, including Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. Gmail is the term for this as Snippets, Apple Mail calls it a preview, plus in Outlook it’s really a Message Preview.

What takes place when you don’t put it to use correctly?

As show below, the preview text is pulling a perception name in contrast to information that will be helpful to people, thus impacting campaign professionalism, reliability , expertise. Graphically rich emails, or emails that begin with a perception often lead to further problems.

Insurance agency marketers should review each message, especially with graphically rich emails, to be sure their preview text is correct. Considering the challenge when you get your email delivered, getting past spam filters, and preventing bulk email labeling or Boolean poisoning difficulties with your message, it is critical to make sure your complete email campaigns are choosing preview text properly.

Additional tips

Here are a couple of additional ideas to help you. It’s best to modify the preview text to enhance the subject line, in contrast to repeating individual line. For example, suppose your subject line is:

Webinar - Industry Compliance Rules, Regulations & Recent Changes

Don’t repeat individual line. Compliment your subject line with assorted, relevant, and helpful detail. For example:

Join us tomorrow with this important webinar

Also, insurer marketers need to keep your text short and the point. Though email client views can differ dramatically, try to maintain your text between 35-40 characters. This should allow all or much of your recipients to study it to use entirety. Longer text will truncate, just like a long subject line is capable of doing when viewed by the prospects and clients. That said, for additional complicated messages, you may use more characters, but try to ensure the essence of your respective message is contained inside first 40 characters. Your mantra must be short, succinct, and impactful.

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